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This is where I'm at: 

So the summer blog posts didn't happen.  Even though I was finished with the writing contract there were other things that took up my time: other writing (for the outdoor audits) and training new staff (for part-time job) which doubled my hours in July and then a two week vacation in August. 

For September I'm hoping to finally get back to the basics and make them GREAT - weekly blog posts and weekly 52 Week initiative and working on my first product!!

The two collaborations went well and this winter I'm hoping to do more guest blog posts and then work on marketing once the product is done.  I've signed up for an online entrepreneur support group and there is another local one that meets IRL monthly near me.  The newsletter never got sent out but I think we'll start that in 2018 also!  And the trademark process is still ticking along in the background (still hoping that it will be finalized by the end of the year). 

What I'm realizing is that I have created a great career for myself and am very successful right now.  I wrote 10 case studies and 10 fact sheets and now I've done 10 audits and all in the area that I want to be working.  Even though my blog isn't where I want it to be, perhaps I have to see that the part-time job is becoming my business and the blog can be the side show for now.  If there is a period where grant funding is not available then I can step up my blog and other products.

I'd love to hear what you are really excited about!!  There's lots to learn and I hope that we can cheer each other on!

what's what: monday morning check-in!

WEEK 69 - POST 1

A really quick check-in today.

I'm feeling better.  I spent some good down time away from the computer last weekend and had an impromtu visit to friends where we went down memory lane for a bit.  Always a good boost to the spirit.  Also good start to the week - spent time in the kitchen so now we have soup and a banana bread to snack on.


This week three things:

- paperwork (lots of filing, photocopying to do)
- blog posts (don't want to get behind!)
- grant writing

Need to really dig in as I'm realizing how much I need to get products done.  Wish I could turn this positivity towards the product goals.  Hopefully soon (right after paperwork is done.)

OK, that's me... now tell me about you - how is this Monday in your entrepreneur life?

Wishing you all the best for the upcoming week!!!

update from under paperwork #2

WEEK 68 - POST 2

So it's crazy right?

To feel so amazing two weeks ago and then to CRASH so completely the week after.

I should have realized that the social events we had scheduled were going to be too much.  But I had no idea how they would affect me and therefore affect how I handled the week after.


So glad that is all behind me.

What I really need to do is write a very BIG list of all the things that are working and that I do WELL and NATURALLY.

Have you ever done anything like that?

What do you do when you need a huge boost???


(So yes - nothing got done for my entrepreneur work this week but today I decided to really CLEAN and PURGE and let this be the priority this weekend so that I can enter into the AUTUMN with a clean slate and a light feeling after getting rid of STUFF that is WEIGHING ME DOWN!!)

Wish me luck!!

update from under paperwork #1

WEEK 68 - POST 1

Where did the week go?  It's grant writing time (for part-time job) and for some reason I spent way too much time with emails on other stuff.

For the part-time job I'm coordinating:

- engraving of signs
- looking at options for a video
- mid-term report numbers
- responding to HQ's request about our booth material
- providing comments for our chapter about new website, certificates, graphics, etc.

and more than half of these things weren't on my to do list last week and they are all taking more time than they should!  Again it looks like I'll be doing overtime and having to put it against the next month.  Sigh!

But the big thing this week is that I had a disaster emotional outburst after a meeting where I finally had to face a big personal reporting "duty" that I've been shirking.  And I thought it really didn't affect me but after the meeting I realized that part of why I've been avoiding this is that it's so wrought with guilt, emotion, despair.  Sleepless night and such worry, worry, worry.

But feeling better a day or two after and all I can do is get the paperwork done and send it in and hope that I finally have this behemoth off my back.  (It'll be up to four months before I "officially" know.)

There are many days where the gremlins in my head are winning - where I feel like I haven't done anything significant since I left my government job.  Everything feels so precarious - like I am hanging by a thread and there are no other options to turn to if this part-time job ended.  And that's not even considering the entrepreneur work I'm trying to pursue.

Emphasis on TRYING.

I MUST get some products done.  UGH.

powering through

WEEK 67 - POST 3


I powered through writing two articles for the part time job this week (one was half done but still...) and I had no major writer's block.  Oh this is good!  So good!  :  )

Next will be two grant applications (similar so really not too bad).  That's it for this month.


I'm so glad that all the major writing is done for this year.  Whew!!

And I really took my entrepreneur life seriously today and wrote and published two blog posts (with photos - yay!!) and made three social media images which I am now going to schedule.  Hee!

Oh man I don't want this to turn into a "tasks completed list" but I do feel charged that I'm getting things ticked off that list.

Next week I will make sure that I have two full days - I really want to get ahead on the blog post schedule (when have we heard that before :  )  hah!) Maybe it will finally happen this time!!  (Especially as I have some half complete posts from last winter that should be easy to schedule to publish beforehand.)

I might even want to schedule a "working weekend" to really get a chunk of things done.  That would feel so good!!

So all in all I'm feeling positive.  Last week I just felt so bad about being away from the blog for so long, I didn't know if I would ever get motivated again to publish.  I was just feeling like "what's the point?".  I've said it before - I really don't want to feed the beast and I think this social media is set up to favour those who are chatty and focused and have graphic design talents.  I need to have a really great marketing strategy that doesn't involve me having to push things on social media as it just doesn't feel natural to me.  So it's going to have to be other ways to get noticed...

- Have fun doing something cool, memorable and "retweetable".

- Really work on my SEO as I want people to find me when they google for my area of expertise.

- Focus on great collaborative work and support others.

- Keep reaching out to others even if it is to get photo permission.  ;  )

- Guest blog posts, events... events.. events... and becoming a media advisor

- Meet some of the local Blogging "Greats" and see if there is a way to get featured.

OK let's keep this momentum going!!


what's what: wednesday morning check-in!

WEEK 67 - POST 1
"Prepare to be thrilled. Works the same." - The Universe


What happened to the last month????

It's really too bad but I've only done two blog posts in the past two months.  :  (

Sad.  I'm feeling sad.

That I couldn't prioritize the blog and this business.

But as I mentioned in my quarterly update I have to realize that the part-time job has become a job that fits what I want to do in my career.  At the beginning of 2016 it was only a periphery of the part-time job but then we received two grants for the writing contract and in the fall I starting writing and was able to create 20 resources on the topic that I LOVE to talk about.  It was HELL to write but I DID IT!!  And then we received another grant so that I could do the outdoor audits and we hired a graphic designer to make the case studies and fact sheets look AMAZING.


I DID ALL THIS!!  I wrote the grants and we received the money.

WOW.  I need to really let that sink in.

THIS ***IS*** my career!!

I called a friend yesterday and she referred to me as a friend who works at an NGO.  That's who I am.  This is GREAT!!  I went out to help another friend (who I collaborated with in the spring) and called it "work" as we were planting more poetry.  THIS IS MY LIFE!!  Yay!!

So, I'm not going to give up on the blog and the products but I'm going to acknowledge the fact that I HAVE been creating products and I have been busy doing my vocational work which is wonderful!!


I also talked to my spouse and he is OK with me continuing to do this work even through 2018, so if we get another grant we are all set.  Which makes the Four Month Deadline less heavy.  BUT I still should work towards it.

- For my part-time job I only have to do 7 hours a week (since I have so much overtime).
- I DO have to write two grants but they are similar so should be OK
-Weekends are not booked which should help with stress levels!  :  )
- Get out and work in a coffee shop once a week!
- Go to the entrepreneur breakfast meeting this month.
- Get a really great morning and weekly routine started.
- Instead of meditation + hooping I'm doing vball and pilates this fall.
- Make exercise and health a PRIORITY - third after spouse + work.
- Schedule November writing retreat with friend.
(Still haven't purged - will see what happens this month!)

OK that's enough for now!  I'll be working my part-time job Thursday so I'll come back and check in on Friday!  Hope your week is going well!!

How can I support others (message, blog, resource, etc.): Let's start first with the blog and then start scheduling a weekly "resource building" day.  My business voice is another thing I need to continually hone and perfect.

How can I connect to more of my tribe (blog comments, social media, IRL, etc.): I'm wondering how I can do this with social media in a way that doesn't feel crappy or should I just get better at using blog and newsletter first?  I can at least think about what's being sent out into the world (and not worry so much about what others are saying) and then connect with those that my words resonate with.

How can I build a strong business foundation:  Let's get the routines started first.  When I read foundation, I keep thinking about working on my website and fixing the small things (doing some tweaks) but I really need to focus on products.  Let's do that first.  xo

OK, that's me... now tell me about you - how is this Monday in your entrepreneur life?

How can I support others (message, blog, resource, etc.):

How can I connect to more of my tribe (blog comments, social media, IRL, etc.):

How can I build a strong business foundation: