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This is where I'm at: weekly blog posts being published, blogging course complete (and a great investment), business cards printed, reaching out to others in regards to photos (next: collaborations??), trademark process plugging away in background, initial research done for one-off project ideas and had a good discussion with past business-partner about old project.

This winter I need to continue to work at building my community - tribe.  That is the main priority this winter, along with making the one-off products.  It will be great to release these into the world next spring!!!  I need to continue to work on the flow of work at home for my blog and social media and also for the current paid contracts.  And I'm learning a lot about what I want to continue to do as this career expands.

I'd love to hear what you are really excited about!!  There's lots to learn and I hope that we can cheer each other on!

a Tuesday post... this NEVER happens!!

WEEK 39 - POST 2

Last weekend I spent almost a full day driving around to sites and taking photos - so that was great!  I even was taking photos at this one location and the owner came out to "spruce it up".  That was so nice.  It was great to be out (felt like I was replenishing my "cup" of energy and creativity) and even to talk to this really kind gentleman who gave me some new ideas!  (Love chatting with people about my passion!)

I got three new blog posts up by the end of last week and I also spent time last weekend on a couple of blog posts and was frustrated on Sunday when I wasn't able to complete one.  One of them - a "Best of List" is being difficult to put together but I do feel like I'm closer and it's fine that I finally set it aside and will look at it again in a couple of days when I feel refreshed!

I watched the rest of the M.F. videos (three in total) and there was some great "encouragement" type stuff.  I need to find something that resonates more with me though - not this super slick almost unreal type of business.  I know it "feels" genuine but its slickness makes it feel "packaged" to BE genuine.  It's a business at that point (when it's so slick) and you have to be willing to switch from connecting with each customer to delivering a great product.  And it has to be a GREAT product if people are willing to make that switch also.  Stuff to think about.  I just want my stuff to feel truly genuine.

I'm also motoring through some Jen & Tim podcasts.  I wasn't listening to them weekly this fall, so I'm way behind.  So Monday found me listening to them each time I went down to the kitchen.  I made myself a real lunch (yay - warmed something up which is a big achievement) and put together soup for dinner at around 3 pm.  I also listened to a couple more at the end of the day - maybe a better way to get ready for bed than more tv?

I still really need a weekend (a couple of days during the week?) where I work on my 2017 business plan!!  But I think that's going to be AFTER I get the fact sheets done.  But I am wondering if I should shift some stuff as the priorities are:

- get back to lawyers
- keep up with blog
- do first recording of MP3
- do taxes for 2016
- work on small downloadable "best of" to launch this spring!
- do guest post (mine for mid-April)
- get some fiction writing done!!
- social media plan + advertising plan
(really just the overall business plan for 2017!)

(not too much at all - right??)


what's what: monday morning check in!

WEEK 39 - POST 1

OK, so last week rocked.  I got three fact sheets done and then I decided that I really needed to start putting some work into the blog!  So I worked on Wed morning (finally setting up and organizing emails and buying carbon offset) and Thursday on my blog.  That felt GREAT!!

And let's not forget the RETWEETS!!!  finally!!!  I think I know the secret - even if it's not my blog link that is being retweeted at least my twitter name is out there and I'm getting new people following me.  Brilliant!!


I even gave myself some downtime - Wed. afternoon I went to a Labyrinth walk, which even though it felt like I didn't have the time for it, it was JUST what I needed.  And Thursday I went for a snowshoe!

And then Friday afternoon (after another medical appointment) I worked on the blog some more (and did emails for my part-time job).

It's incredible.  I don't want to jinx it, but that wall that was there, that just kept saying "no, no, no" every time I opened up a fact sheet is just gone.  There's little procrastination going on.  I'm not afraid of them anymore.  I don't open them up and then just close them quickly.  Or stare at them for hours without wanting to read them.  It doesn't feel heavy.

It's just work now.  I open them up and start working on them.

I think it was this incredible fear and this disbelief that they could even get done that was stopping me.  But I just kept plugging along.  Little by little and then finally when one got done, the others just started to flow.

Maybe because I was working on them all at the same time, it made it more difficult?  Made it feel like this huge mountain?  Maybe I should have just worked on one at a time?  But then I would be faced with a blank page every time I had to start a new one.  This way I can just look at all these great notes and research and just let it all fall together finally.

Even though it might have taken me longer, I think this was the best approach.  Who knows, the struggle would have probably been the same from the other way.




What's Inspiring You This Week: That I was able to get three done!  I can do it and let's get three more done this week!!  xo

Where Are you Stuck This Week: I'm realizing that I'm not connecting to the magic.  That I'm still slogging through AND getting really triggered by my part-time supervisor.  I haven't had much time to do anything other than "survive" the past month or so but that needs to change!! xo

What Is The Message You Need To Hear: You can feel the magic, you can see the magic.  All these small coincidences are there just to remind you that you can make the bigger magic happen!!  Let's do this!! xo

What Will You Commit To For This Week: Getting three more fact sheets done and making a plan on how to connect to the magic for this year!!  It's got to be big!! xo

OK, that's me... now tell me about you!!

What's Inspiring You This Week:

Where Are you Stuck This Week:

What Is The Message You Need To Hear:

What Will You Commit To For This Week:

so many incredible achievements!! you rock!!

WEEK 38 - POST 3

the thing is that I *think* that my blog and the resources/products I want to create are the only part of my entrepreneur work.  but the writing contract IS part of my entrepreneur work.  whether I continue to get other writing contracts is up to me but I have to remind myself that it is part of the bigger picture and it IS bringing me in money.  green energy IS flowing!

I think of it as part of my "part-time" contract, which while partly touching upon the topics I want to work on (in my entrepreneur work) is not strictly THAT.

but the writing contract IS.

and we just got more funding to do more of "that" work (the topics I want to work on) this year.  not writing, but program management where I use the resources I am creating (writing) right now.  and I'm being paid 11 hours a week to do it.  Eleven hours a week for the full year at a higher hourly rate. (I've gone from $18 to $20 to $23 and now $23.50).  And realizing this right now - I just updated my end of the year post to remind myself of this achievement!


I'm finally able to cover my part of the monthly bills (mortgage and other) and have something left over for me.



Let's not forget this.


(and it feels INCREDIBLE to give myself the day to work on the BLOG!!  oh so happy and maybe even a snowshoe today.  and I got some RETWEETS - not just Likes - finally - some RETWEETS!!  So great, so great, so great - now I know a bit of a secret (and I got about 3 - 5 new followers from just that!!)  And last but absolutely not least - let me just say that it feels AMAZING to have finally handed in three fact sheets! SO HAPPY!)


WEEK 38 - POST 2

I just had to write a quick update here - I submitted two fact sheets!!





(also had a break through today for the ending of the fictional myth I'm writing by watching MF tv and thinking about how to "repackage" the title to make it more appealing - also perhaps by writing Mary Kate talking about how we are all creators.  Maybe some other things too.  All of this helped me actually "see" the ending and how it would naturally work - rather than trying to force it to work.  crazy!!)  xo

what's what: monday morning check in!

WEEK 38 - POST 1

So here it is Week 38.

At the end of Week 36 I thought I would have three fact sheets done.

On the Friday (of Wk 36) I emailed my supervisor and told her I'd deliver in Week 37.

And I didn't.

I wrote to her on the Friday (of Wk 37) and told her I'd work through the weekend.

And I didn't.

I did get some stuff done on the weekend but not three fact sheets.

I'm still wondering what was happening.  I know that in Week 36, I was still working and one of the fact sheets needed a lot of extra research.  And in Week 37 I worked on other things on top of the fact sheets.  And even on the weekend I only completed three hours of work.  I am disappointed in myself, I really don't want to criticize my choices over the weekend.  But really I have a hard time focusing (when my partner is home, when I don't "think" I need to work, when I have other plans).  I'm not sure what it is.

In a way it's good - I shouldn't be working on the weekends or in the evenings.

But I still have to work on the distractions during the day to make that time more effective.

I need to get up to move (exercise, go for a walk, stretch) and take three breaks during the day.

And the rest of the time needs to be focused (not using the computer to do so many other small random things!!)  xo

So in terms of entrepreneur work - last week, along with the writing contract, I contacted an organization I was profiling in a blog post (got their permission to use photo),  updated my whole photo permissions file, published a post on Wednesday, did some social media both Wed & Fri and reviewed and updates main task list for business.  I also watched one of M.F. free videos that are promoting B-School.  I didn't find much new but it was good to review things, see where tweaks could be.  I really need a weekend (a couple of days during the week?) where I work on my 2017 business plan!!

OK - so this week - it's going to be done.  TWO FACT SHEETS TODAY.


and then the other FIVE will get done before the end of WEEK 40.

It's going to get done!!


What's Inspiring You This Week: That one fact sheet is done!!!  It's finally done (after a month and a half of struggling with them - starting on Week 32) after the case studies were done as of Week 1.

And especially after I sent out the case studies for review at the end of Week 34 (except for the two that were undecided and I was waiting for input).

Where Are you Stuck This Week: Must keep the momentum up and must find time for my blog.  And also for my first product - want this ready in 2.5 months.  xo

What Is The Message You Need To Hear: You can do this, you can do this, you can do this.  Even impossible things get done if you just keep chipping away at them.  xo

What Will You Commit To For This Week: Focusing on the writing contract and finding some time for both the blog and some rest.  xo

OK, that's me... now tell me about you!!

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