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MARCH 2017

This is where I'm at: weekly blog posts being published (for the most part), business cards being distributed, two collaborations being done (one with CT and the other with EB - my first guest post), trademark process email responded to, podcast course complete and software ready to start recording!!  And this month I will see what my graphic design needs are for these first two products.

The next two months will be really telling as I gear up for a spring launch in mid-May.  I need to continue to work at building my blog community along with working on the two one-off products for the spring.  

My work flow was a bit heavy on the writing contract for the past 3-4 months.  But now my focus needs to be on my products.  And IRL networking and marketing.  I need to really limit my time on social media unless I really know what the purpose is.

Let's do this -  I'm going to release my first two incredible sweet products into the world this spring!  It's time to be brave.  xo

I'd love to hear what you are really excited about!!  There's lots to learn and I hope that we can cheer each other on!

I broke 2000!

WEEK 47 - POST 2

And my partner broke 400 followers for his own project.

It's time to celebrate!!!

I definitely want to recognize and appreciate this moment.


(I am definitely doing an update - repeat of this post for next summer!!)

The curious thing is that this success came through Fbook, which is not one of the social medias that I want to focus on.  So now the question is, should I switch tactics?  (It really happened through organic shares by friends - I only have 17 followers on the business page.)  Issue is that I want to reach younger people and I don't think they are on Fbook... (and even if I grow followers on Igram I think it's hard to convert them to blog readers...)  Maybe I can do the 52 Wk program until next spring then do some "Read my blog post - link in bio above" posts on Igram next summer??

A few good retweets though - with people who have over 1000 followers and including these orgs: Dow'sL, TreeFest, MetroO, the local CA, OE-talent.

(It's also hard to get back to the "normal" of 200 views as now I'm thinking harder - what next blog post will get such amazing organic sharing... How can I get 2000 views again??  Soon???  I really can't predict it and have to be able to let these questions go.  xo)

What are your suggestions - how do you convert social media followers to blog readers?

Other than thinking about this, my goals are:

- try to hit 2000 pageviews each month (for 4+ posts)
- see if I can average around 500 page views per post (currently the average is around 200)

It's been a great week for my business.  I really have put alot of time on it - updating one page and getting a second blog post done (and sharing with a friend who can give me some specific advice) and I also have a bunch of social media posts set up for this week and a few for next.  Still need to do some key ones for the Friday-Saturday for Earth Day.  I sent out the emails to see if a couple of organizations wanted to share my volunteer page on Earth Day but haven't heard back... I really should have emailed them two weeks in advance rather than five days in advance!  Oh well, live and learn...  If I can just get a bit ahead with a few things (blog post, 52 wk IG post) then I'd feel great about getting back to Writing Contract and other part-time tasks.

(I really missed at least a full 4 weeks if not more of blog posts this winter due to the writing contract - sigh!!  But hey, at least I'm back at it now!!)

So here's the short list from Monday:

- Taxes (DONE)
- Volunteer post + emails (DONE)
- post for this Wednesday (DONE)
- social media (DONE)

- part-time job tasks (NEXT)
- Fact Sheet (WEEK 48)
- IG 52 Wk program (next post)
- guest blog post (due start of wk 49)

It's a Wednesday evening as I write this update.  I have a meeting tomorrow morning, so won't be home and we're off on Friday, so I've got to get alot done tomorrow afternoon and my partner agreed that I could get some work done when I arrive at our destination (since I'm missing my work day).  I really wish that my business was the only thing I had on my plate (other than fiction writing).  Will I get there some day?  I realize more and more I need to double down on effort to make sure I have products that I can actually offer (and then eventually sell) as part of my business.

This NEEDS to take priority!

How have you built your business?  What was the first product (or service) you sold?  Was it a slow, steady climb?  How did you take that leap to full-time self-employment???

what's what: monday morning check-in!

WEEK 47 - POST 1

I finally spent a couple of days working on my blog over the long weekend.  I put together four posts: an end of season photo post, finalized my "Bucket List" post and worked on two others for next week (am consulting with a friend to see if she can help advise on one) and the other is almost done.  I also looked into Buffer and SocialPilot.  Finally went with the latter and started scheduling tweets - yay!!

As of this morning, I HAVE to do taxes and then the last Fact Sheet (plus some other part time job tasks that I didn't complete last week)  and I have another priority that I'd like to do for Earth Day so if I can just finish one other post - at least I'll have that post for THIS wednesday and then the other announcement on Friday.

This announcement is a "volunteer page" which  I figure is a good post to share on Earth Day.  I can share with some local media & organizations that might find it worthwhile to share with their readers also - so that is the other priority.

But the really great news is that when I posted my Bucket List post on Fbook on Friday - it surprised me by getting a lot of traction.  I broke the 1000 views for a post barrier with it!  (Currently it's at 1832 page views.) My post was shared 14 times on Fbook (6 friends + unknowns), had 10 likes and two comments (on my Fbook post - doesn't include likes and comments on the shares) and the post had a 1362 person reach and I have seven new likes on my Fbook page this week. WOW.  SO THRILLED!!!!  It was really amazing for my friends to share it.  I really can't believe it.

I have a couple other places I can share the post (with Fbook groups and a bit more on Twitter) and I'm going to add to the list this year and relaunch it again next year - maybe call it the "Ultimate Bucket List"...  Can't wait!!

- Taxes
- Fact Sheet
- part-time job tasks
- Volunteer post + emails
- post for this Wednesday
- social media
- guest blog post (due start of wk 49)

What's Inspiring You This Week: I'm a little distracted by the post being shared so much.  It's cool to think that I was focused on this "Volunteer" post that I thought would give me some good traffic but it ended up being this other one!  So that's inspiring - you never know what is going to resonate!

Where Are you Stuck This Week: too many tasks and not enough time and I REALLY want to start taking care of body (exercise + stretching) I need to figure out how to let go of the urgency to get tasks done and make my body a priority daily!

What Is The Message You Need To Hear: there is enough time, there is enough time, there always is enough time.  xo

What Will You Commit To For This Week: keeping on, I just need to get through some of the above tasks and get ahead!!  (I'm also going away this weekend so it's a short week - yikes!)

So what was it like for you to break your first threshold?  Was it 500?  Was it a 1000?  or was it 5000?  When was the first time something went "viral" for you?  How did you keep your focus and not get too wrapped up in it?  Tell me what's going on with you this week?

What's Inspiring You This Week:

Where Are you Stuck This Week:

What Is The Message You Need To Hear:

What Will You Commit To For This Week:

thursday update!

WEEK 46 - POST 3

I handed in two more fact sheets!!  Wow - am so THRILLED!!

This is AMAZING!!  I am doing it!!!

I have just ONE MORE TO DO (and I hope to do it by the end of this week).


(There's a bit more to do after that but for now I'm focusing on what I have achieved!! And want to take some time to focus on other things that got pushed to the side because of this contract!)

Great small steps and interesting things this week:

- working on expanding wonderful moments - worked on this as the end of my walk on Monday when I really tuned into how happy I was and expanded the moment all the way back to my car (and also warded off the rain - which my app kept saying would happen in 1 min!)
- trying to fit in more podcasts (JBYM, Lively and some others) - good insights; texted with my nephew on his bday (nice to connect) - i'm wrestling with ideas of how to be closer to my family and a friend texted me suggesting we meet up for writing soon (yay!!)
- met up with TUT friend and she admitted to me that she's having a hard time with the idea of manifestations so we had a bit discussion about that (which might have helped me solidify my beliefs on this a bit more but also reminded me that CONFUSION while hard is a great place to be).
- missed the networking breakfast because the early hour is just so hard (got up late, had to go back three times to get things: earphones, umbrella, etc.) but did spend some time out of the house, which I think ultimately was good for me!
- found a "thinkubator" that will be held at the end of the month which is on my business topic.  they will have three speakers talking about it for children (where my focus is for adults) but still might be interesting.
- I am now in my "extended weekend" where really I'm doing everything I usually am, just not getting emails.  I was hoping that this would be time for my blog but I still have to the writing and getting back to graphic designer (and now I'm receiving resumes that I need to review also!)

(I need to start making a list of things I've committed to so that I don't forget anything and also want to get in my regular weekly deadlines!)

A reminder of some GREAT small steps forward... (from last month)

Just listing some things that feel real good in terms of being an entrepreneur, working at home, self-care, etc.:

- Waking up late but being ok with this as I needed sleep and it is daylight savings so lost an hour.

- Spending time identifying my non-negotiables for the day (meals, yoga, meditation, writing, getting outside, etc.) and which I would focus on first.

- Really happy that doing laundry and watering plant came naturally and I didn't have to overthink or force it.  Just allow.

- First was meditation in sunlight in bedroom (our roomie joined me.)

- Second was a Sunday breakfast of chia waffles with molasses (iron) and latte.  I listened to a podcast (JBYM) as I had breakfast.

- Third was a shower and then getting dressed in clothes as I need to get groceries - was debating whether to put on yoga clothes.

- Added three podcasts to my podcast reader that have to do with my entrepreneurial work and ordered four books - two were e-copies (feminine energy to tap into) that I can read on my phone and two of people I admire (10 Ltrs + Summit Seeker).  (this feels like IintoR steps!!)

- Twitter for my account (retweets + one tweet for this cool activity I found through google alerts) and then my Monday FG blog check-in and an encouragement check-in: Halfway there (5 done), First two fact sheetsEight case studiesSent off 5 case studies

- Wondering should I go for a walk, should I move (exercise), should I do some stretching when I find myself unable to focus - the next step didn't happen but should be (next time) to DO one of these.

- Buddy system with friend - was good to check in with her (although it was very limited because she got up at 11:00 am  :  )

- Mid Afternoon break - snacked a bit, listened to a podcast, posted some IG photos (personal) and had a shower

what's what: monday morning check-in!

WEEK 46 - POST 1

It's Monday.

This weekend I had no energy for work.  (I'm still working on the writing!)

I was frustrated with myself because I sometimes get a bit picky about when my posts go up and will try to cover off missed weeks by posting back to those weeks.  Which meant that this week, I sent out through my RSS feed something about spring equinox three weeks late.  Bah!  I just hate that I can't catch up but I also have to realize that if I start confusing my readers and am not transparent then I will never get anywhere.

I have to be very honest and just admit when I haven't been able to post rather than pretend that I'm still keeping up.  And it's also because I don't have alot of readers that I think it's OK.  But really I need to treat every reader like they are the most important reader AND realize that they will appreciate me more if I'm honest.

Oh so much to learn!!

So this weekend, I went over and over in my head what I should do about my 52 week program - whether I should "catch up" on a few weekends, so that I would be on target with the solstice or if I should just accept that I was three weeks late to start the program and that people would be OK with that!  I decided that I should just let it stand as is.  Which does mean that I will be ending a couple of weeks after spring solstice next year but that is OK.  (I wanted to start the second year of the "52 weeks" right away but maybe it's better that I take a break and launch it well (and on time) in the summer or fall!  So it all seems to be working out in the end.

OK so this weekend, other than mulling what to do (as per the above) I took time off.

Had a birthday breakfast with one friend and a birthday dinner with another (their birthdays not mine).  I switched over my wardrobe and identified a shopping list for new clothes.  I did laundry and made bruchetta.  I organized my receipts for my first self-employed tax submission and we finally got the printer working again.  We started watching the old series: Prime Suspect.  And I spent some time last night organizing the upcoming weeks for my personal and social life.

This week I'm planning a short work week (for the part-time job) so that I can just concentrate on the writing and my own work for a long extended weekend.  I was hoping that the writing would be done also so that I could have about four days just for the blog but that just won't be happening.  But if I can at least get the fact sheets complete this week and then just work on the primer and audit in the next two weeks it will all be done by the end of Week 48 (and the end of the month).  The graphic designer doesn't have much time in the next week or so anyway, which takes some pressure off of me. (I think once the writing is done I will try to take another couple of days off - I just need a break from everything!!)

This Week: 52 weeks, post, pay lawyer, blog posts, schedule meeting for Love your Local project, assessment report for intern, network breakfast, finalize taxes, finish special blog page and send out emails

Next Week: start special blog post, start podcast recording, impact tag

Sorry this has been so long winded!!  How was your weekend and what are your plans for the week

What's Inspiring You This Week: It's Monday afternoon and I paid my lawyers fee, taxes won't be as much as I thought and I am *almost* done two more fact sheets.  One last one to write tomorrow - I am so THRILLED!!  wow - THAT is inspiring!

Where Are you Stuck This Week: so behind in my blog, so very, very behind, it's hard to accept.  I need to be better at this and just allow what is.  I do still want to do a "farewell" to the last season post and I think that is ok... but have to get into the new season and focus ahead!!

What Is The Message You Need To Hear: you are learning, you are learning, you are learning.  It's all about involving your readers and being honest.  they will accept your limitations IF you are honest.  But also they do want some consistency.  Determine what you CAN do weekly and make it a priority!

What Will You Commit To For This Week: this one has been hard for me lately, I'm afraid to commit and then not achieve my goal.  the big thing lately for me to be more present is to "expand the happy moments" - so I'll commit to this.  even if it's just done a couple of times this week - that would be great!!

OK, that's me... now tell me about you!!

What's Inspiring You This Week:

Where Are you Stuck This Week:

What Is The Message You Need To Hear:

What Will You Commit To For This Week:

so how do you feel about commitment?  how are your weekly, monthly, yearly goals coming along...  wishing you all the best for the week!