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MARCH 2018

This is where I'm at:

Still trying to balance the part-time gig with the BIZ.  But here I am looking out at two full months ahead of me as of March 1st (eight weeks and possibly even ten weeks) of time, time, time to work on my business and (almost) nothing else!!

(There's a couple of grants to write but that is it.)

And I have to remember that the grants are to do what I want to do - there is no compromise there (I've turned down two grant possibilities to make sure of this) and I also just sent out an email to the E.D. + my local partner about expansion ideas (so that was brave!! yay!).  I am curious as to where that could take me but I also don't want to lose sight of my own BIZ goals as those feel so much more aligned and sweet.  

I'm really seeing possibility where before it probably was wishful thinking.  The next thing though is to eliminate all distractions (except prioritizing myself) and make these two months sing!!

The priorities still are: products, marketing for launch, guest posts and other promotion opportunities, and updating website for these new products.

Let's step it up and start my first two incredible sweet products and release them into the world this year!  It's time to be brave.  xo

full steam ahead

WEEK 94 - POST 4

oh wow.

I don't even know how to describe this week but FULL STEAM AHEAD.

and I didn't even have 5 full days of work!

but it feels like so much has happened!!!

It's Friday.

I wish I had two more days to work and THEN a weekend.

Because I don't want to lose my weekends.

(I was reading about stillness during a break (from the computer) today and how rushing around and trying to do too much is mostly a negative human trait.  a great reminder for my slow business!)

This week I'm truly realizing what CAN be accomplished in one day and I'm allowing myself to be OK with this.  To realize that I really need to appreciate what I CAN do.  And let that be enough.

MORE than ENOUGH!  Let it be GREAT!!!

I'm reviewing my Manifestation List for 2018 and I'm really happy to see that there is nothing there about finding entrepreneur friends or a mastermind group, etc. 

I'm truly feeling like I have enough now and I really do see how great I have it. 

I TRULY want this and I know that it is WORTH putting my money towards.  And I HAVE the money, I HAVE the money to make this happen!!  Let's finance our dreams.  xo

i AM the luckiest + more contentment at home - yay!!

WEEK 94 - POST 3.5

Last year I so wanted to have my products done so that this year I could soar on my own (before the money ran out).

But it didn't happen.

It was too much doing the part-time job AND the blog (and so much else - including house projects and the paperwork) and it just didn't happen.

It's hard for me to come to terms with the fact that I graduated FIVE years ago and I'm still struggling to be a success with my BIZ.  I know there is a lot of rearranging inside and that all that inner work is giving me even more direction of where I can go outside (which is great) but still, most people get back on track within a couple of years.

I know in a way I'm blessed to have this time and that I'm just coming around to the realization of how much (inner) work I need to do.  To comfort what was not comforted when I was growing up.  I know it's a lifetime of work.  And yes, not everyone does this (ever at all).   Many people stay asleep for their entire life.  Possibly only 10% of those that really need to do the work, do it.  They will never wake up or realize that the work is needed.

You ARE doing the work.


"There's always this ebb and flow of wanting to reach out and connect to more local like-minded masterminders and then thinking that I don't have the time to connect and I really need to get the work done!! 
I'm feeling that need to stretch out right now - possibly because I've listened to back to back episodes of JBYM lately.  And I'm wondering where I can find "my people" locally.  Not only my community (that will connect with what I'm offering) but also some local masterminders - others who are trying to make a go at being creative entrepreneurs." (LINK)

(I'm feeling less of this ebb and flow now.  I'm more content at home and more content with my own work - there is less need to seek a "best entrepreneur friend" which is good.  I'm really happy.  Today I read about this idea of meeting up with a few entrepreneur friends and doing co-working one day a week - love that idea!  I'm actually feeling pretty focused right now, feel supported enough through online connections, phone calls and task buddy that I don't need more.  And actually worry about adding too much!  Still hoping to find some really local (like my neighbourhood local!) that I can meet up with occasionally but I think other than that my plate (and heart) feel full.  Yay!!  I will keep the "co-working at each other's homes (or meeting up a coffee shop)" idea in mind once I'm back to networking again.  I'm just starting to feel a flow for work and want to keep working at it and not get distracted!  First I want to solidify a good rhythm for working at home (tasks, health, exercise, outside) and test being able to do focused work outside the home such as at a coffee shop!! xo)

great engagement day!

WEEK 94 - POST 3

**Wow - 1000 new page views today... what is going on!?!

This is what I did today:

- Engaged on Fbook (8:00 - 9:00)
- Worked on my own project (Canva) (9:40 - 10:40)
- Engaged on Twitter (11:35 - 12:05)
- Also could be from some of the comments on blog posts recently xo

This is specifically what I did: I mentioned my personal struggles with my MP3 in Indie Kindred, shared some of my friends' projects on my Fbook personal page, liked some things and commented on "We Connect" and also added a few comments on HS HB, thanked everyone for their "likes" on my blog post (shared on my personal page) and shared my blog post on my Fbook business page.

This online engagement is the gift that keeps on giving!!

And with just this one day (only half-way through the month! eep!) I have broken 3000!  Happy Dance!!  I'm so excited and thrilled!!!  (****But of course this is distracting!  Yikes!  Now I'm staring at the numbers rather than getting back to the work!!) 


** Must keep this in mind when I have new call to actions and lead pages to capture emails for newsletter, free downloads, etc.  You want to benefit from this traffic!!  xo

**** Must ONLY look at numbers at the END of the DAY!!!  This is too distracting!!

(What could be my new goal for this month?  6000?  I have half a month left - can I double this number... Could be fun!!  Or could be really distracting.... Hmmm.....)

oh boy....

WEEK 94 - POST 2

I'm still distracted.  Wanting action on my blog and looking up rather than focusing on the work.  I put up a post on Fbook that I thought would get traction but it only got one share.  (Ugh.) I did get the "likes" I thought I would from specific people but not the shares.

But then really why am I surprised (???) - I don't share much on Fbook myself (and not much from others).  I need to rethink that.

And I also don't want to rely too much on Fbook (or focus specifically on Fbook) because that means relying on friends which is not something I want to expect from friends.  So I have more work to do here also.

I'm starting to do a couple of things:

- liking people's comments on the local newspaper (this is through Fbook app - so I've also cleaned up the public shares on my Fbook so people can easily see what I do if they click through)
- making more comments on blogs but I really have to see this as building community - rather than desperately seeking social media shares with someone "finding" me and liking me sooo much that they share on social media (very small probability)
- signing up for a few more online directories (these are "follow" links - yay!) - especially ones that are free (and then thinking about whether I should pay for some others)
- starting to practice to learn to post as naturally as I can on the GFC link about my nature blog - this is going to be tricky but I want to try!  (I know it will get easier with each comment)
- looking for opportunities with each new post - doing some googling to see if I can generate some blog links, etc with each new topic (this week it's on a book and I found a few great interviews of the author where I could add my comment)
- thinking very seriously about guest blog posts and starting to work on building a relationship (through comments) with some bloggers.  I've found two places that could be my first two potential places for guest posts
- getting inspired with a few posts that could potentially resonate with my friends a bit more by remembering where their interests are (not that I want to do this as a habit but it wouldn't hurt to consider this to get a bit more traction!)
- considering good posts to share on LinkedIn - there was a great post about this (with interest in Fbook going down)
- figuring out my newsletter (how to promote it better, what it's about, what you want to say in the first one, and creating more opportunities for sign ups!)
- thinking ahead to international themed days and riding the hashtags for what they are worth - missed a big one with International Women's Day!!

I have to remind myself that not everything is going to work!  I have to log in a bunch of "Fails" before I get a "Win".  It's about keeping at it even when it doesn't seem to be working!  It's hard though because you want to evaluate what's working and what's not but you also don't want to be so distracted that you are ONLY Focused on that and you lose focus on creating the great products... oh man this is such a tricky balance!  PRODUCTS DEAR, PRODUCTS. 

Any extra traction right now might not be worth it anyway if you can't get them converted to your newsletter and then your sales.  FOCUS ON PRODUCTS.  xo

My next (mini) effort is to tweet to the author (that I was researching this week) and say something good that she will reshare.  She has reshared some tweets from other readers and she does seem to be very positive about urban nature and might like my blog.  (I should "like" her too on twitter.)  It would be cool to see if that works but I need to do it and then just keep my head down with no expectations.

(I decided to pass on the hula hoop marketing right now (would just take too much of a chunk out of my day with travel) but did find an online class this weekend with a woman who has a podcast - it would be soooo great to be interviewed by her!)

what's what: monday morning check in!

WEEK 94 - POST 1

So I guess those were whispers in my heart (the questions from last Thursday) and I know that I've been surfing a bit and reading a bit and mustering up the courage a bit (figuring budget, finding inspiring stories, justifying my leap) because there have been surprising answers this weekend and now...

I realized as a I woke up this morning that Martha Beck is a great reminder that you can sell JOY and people will want it.  And I also found a local event that is about marketing and hula hoops (was really wondering if I should go and then it CLICKED and I realized I must go!) wow!  I also had a shower epiphany about my message and elevator pitch and even "THE" Ted Talk.  I doubt I will ever actually DO a Ted Talk but it would be the one that I would DO if I ever wanted to do one.  xo

So it's a great start of a week!!  I'm hoping it's AS productive as last week.  xo


- Happy about Sunday night - adding comments on other blogs
- IG post (my last of my 52 wk project - whew!!)
- checking in with my Task Partner
- Reply to another comment on my blog!!  Yay!!!

What's Inspiring You This Week: It's Monday, it's Monday, it's Monday - let's get excited!!!  Another FULL week to work on my BIZ - woohoo!!!  We can do it!!  Little (big) happy dance here!!

Where Are you Stuck This Week: There's a couple of larger products that seem like mountains so I have to break them down and make them more manageable - smaller steps. 

What Is The Message You Need To Hear: You are doing it, you are doing it, you are doing it.  Remember - you don't get the great feedback and response by staring at numbers or doing quick social media posts.  Do the Work and then spend a bit of time each week looking up.  Do the Work and Enjoy the Work (and celebrate and just FEEL every milestone.)  I think I need to listen to Jen & Tim again!! xo

What Will You Commit To For This Week: I want to really watch socializing this week!  With new responses on social media and comments on my posts - I figure I could get really distracted here and lose sight of the big picture!!  Think of socializing as part of your personal time (but manage it there also!)  For example - two 30 min sessions during the week (at work) and then no more than an hour on weekends (and maybe another 30 minutes in evening if you really, really feel like it's a good use of time.

OK, that's me... now tell me about you - how is this Monday in your entrepreneur life?

What's Inspiring You This Week:

Where Are you Stuck This Week:

What Is The Message You Need To Hear:

What Will You Commit To For This Week: