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This is where I'm at: soft launch completed, weekly blog posts published, business cards need to be ordered, blog posts idea list created, one-off project ideas raring to go (to work on over the winter)!  This autumn I need to continue to work at owning that voice of my blog and meeting others who I can share the good news with.  I also really want to solidify a flow for my blog and social media that is natural and easy to keep up.  What I also am hoping for is the courage to design and produce some one-off projects this winter that I can release into the world next spring.  THAT'S what I'm really excited about.  I'd love to hear what you are really excited about!!  There's lots to learn and I hope that we can cheer each other on!

what's what: monday morning check in!

WEEK 18 - POST 1

Oh man.  This is hard to write.  No blog posts were written last week.

And if I don't get any done this week, then I'm behind three weeks.  Of course the good thing is - NO ONE KNOWS!!!  I don't put dates on my blog posts.  When more people start tuning in, they will notice how my posting schedule but for now it really shouldn't matter.

I guess the disappointment is the feeling that I can't do this.  If I can't even write one blog post a week, then how am I supposed to have a full business operating around it?

Right now I'm not full time with my business.  This is the other thing I need to remember.  I'm struggling to find even 10 hours a week right now.  And I want this work to be done during a work week rather than on the weekend (which sadly seems to be happening rather often).

OK - so I feel crappy! Enough of the beratement.  What can we do about it?  I need to forgive myself for not being organized enough.  I know I'm trying to handle it all but it's alot.  Too much right now.  There's a BIG learning curve here.  And I am learning!!

Good Things:

- Money is coming in.
- You WANT to do the blog.
- There are SO many great signs everywhere!!
- You had a great insight this weekend.
- You still have 15 months to do this!

What's Inspiring You This Week: Five days ahead of me to find a good rhythm.

Where Are you Stuck This Week: Working on the ability to trust and to surrender to the moment.

What Is The Message You Need To Hear: You are doing amazing.  YOU ARE.  xo

What Will You Commit To For This Week: Allowing the flow to take me, trusting in the moment and that there is time for all of it.  xo

OK, that's me... now tell me about you!!

What's Inspiring You This Week:

Where Are you Stuck This Week:

What Is The Message You Need To Hear:

What Will You Commit To For This Week:

Do Not Disturb - Writing in Progress (I'll get back in touch with you next month!) Thanks for your Understanding!!!

WEEK 17 - POST 2

Less that two weeks left (until the end of the month) and I have way too many hours for my writing contract to do!  I'm hoping that after two months of this (August I struggled also), that I'll be able to change things a bit in October.  Other than Thanksgiving, there should be nothing big to throw me off schedule.

Today and tomorrow, I also have meetings, which means I'll have less time to write.  So it looks like I'll be writing on both weekends (again).

But that's OK.  At least this time, I do know it's possible to GET IT DONE by the 2nd (Sunday) at the very latest.  All will be OK.  And I also learned a valuable lesson, where I need to really work with the people who are involved in the places that I'm writing the case studies about.  (I made two mistakes writing about something for a community newspaper.  the first one I caught and changed before it was published but the second one is in print. ugh!)

I'm almost spending a bit too much time on researching networking opportunities and working on social media to the detriment of the blog posts.  But they are the easier things (that I can squeeze into small amounts of time and that don't seem to onerous.)

MUST WRITE BLOG POSTS (two this week, two next week)!!  YOU CAN DO THIS!!

So since I'm still wrestling with my posts and posting schedule - I think I AM going to sign up for the "Juicy Blogging Course" which I gave myself a reminder to consider as of today (last day for the Early Bird rate!).

It definitely feels like it's coming at exactly the right time and it might be nice to create some connections with others and get more ideas for posts (and how to improve them) and how to start connecting with others online.  Perhaps this will also answer my question of how to get the word out there (and advertise) without using facebook!!!???

What I really need to do is buckle down and see this as a NECESSITY to NOT MAKE ANY PLANS OR GO OUT AND SEE PEOPLE until I get on top of my blog posts.

I need to start seeing this as putting bread on my table and putting myself first (over any other priority).

Let's do this thing!!

what's what: monday morning check in!

WEEK 17 - POST 1

OK so it was great to be able to get two blog posts completed last week.

Need to get two done this week to catch up - hopefully that can be done so that next week I can get one post ahead.  And then the week after will be two posts ahead.  Getting all the photos, naming them all, fixing them all IS taking alot of time!

This week will be busy though as I have grant applications due and I need to get in my writing contract hours.  (I'm realizing that I can't do too many hours of writing back to back.)

Blog Posts
Grant Writing
Contract Writing

(thank god there is no fiction writing on top of all of this!  or trying to write an article!)

I want to continue the momentum this week.  I need to figure out how to feel connected to others.

What's Inspiring You This Week: The momentum I felt last week.  Not only did I feel connected but I also got things done!  Order business cards and wrote the testimonial!!  WOW!!

Where Are you Stuck This Week: I feel the time crunch and I worry I can't keep up the momentum.  Need to figure out a few quick easy strategies to employ - the weather is AMAZING!!!

What Is The Message You Need To Hear: You can do this, you can do this.  Get focused.  Deal with any unease, restlessness, regret, disappointment later.  You have a choice.

What Will You Commit To For This Week: Getting the two blog posts done.  That's enough.  xo

OK, that's me... now tell me about you!!

What's Inspiring You This Week:

Where Are you Stuck This Week:

What Is The Message You Need To Hear:

What Will You Commit To For This Week:

gathering photos and keeping up with posts

WEEK 16 - POST 2

So I'm doing ok on my week's commitments: blog post is done.  Another one is ready to go. Social media was done also.  I sent an email to a friend (about his business).  I also spent a lot of time looking for photos (some are on my phone, others are filed in strange places, some are with my partner).  I will need to set aside a day to organize these soon!!

I also went to the networking event and felt ok, just to be able to chat with other people.  Not wanting more out of this for now, other than a place to go each month and start feeling like a regular.

(Still no business cards to give out and not sure about following up with people who told me to "send me your email".  I hope that I will see them at the next event and start building a friendship that way.  I'm not ready to put people on my calendar (outside the event as of yet).)

It felt good to see the same three people from the August event and solidify things just a little bit more.  They are playing hostess and speaker so not sure how that will work in the long term but still good to see familiar faces.

This week feels alot calmer, like a regular routine might be falling into place.  It definitely makes me more productive and much more able to focus and get things done.

It's nice that: 
I have an 8-week exercise class with a friend.
My neighbour is going to get back to me on the collaboration.
I have time to do a coffee shop "work day" this week.
I'm meeting up with a friend on Friday.
I swam with a friend Saturday and skyped with critique partner Monday.
My life coached checked in with me and confirmed a time.

I'm hoping to build a regular routine that feels solid (and reassuring) before I make attempts to expand my network.  (I'm already getting to know two people from my part-time job and there's a woman from a new hula-hooping class I'm taking that lives near me.)  It would be great to add a couple of other groups (monthly?) so that I'm not depending on just one.  I really need this to be able to be a happy productive entrepreneur!

Exercise routine: jogging/swimming/walking/biking/hulahooping.
Going to coffee shop weekly - to do work outside house.
Monday Class w Friend (5 Rhythms or Hula Hooping).
Monthly Yoga w Friend.
Monthly Movie Night.

Just need to keep including a daily outing (jogging, biking, walk) this week and get ready for the in-laws!

wish me luck!

p.s. from Thursday afternoon: I did it!!  I ordered my business cards!!  Woohoo!!!!

what's what: monday morning check in!

WEEK 16 - POST 1

So last week was really bad for me and it culminated in a really depressing Friday.

Here are some things I'm taken note of:

- I posted some messages on blogs of online friends, which helped me feel connected in a small way (and part of having great friends is being a great friend also, I figured)
- I sent an overdue text to a friend thanking her for our continued TUT meet-ups (we went to a Mike Dooley workshop years ago and still meet a few times a year to work on manifesting our next steps).  And she called me (and it was GOOD to connect)
- I'm going to go to the other coffee shop for awhile.  I just need to stay away from bad vibes right now (whether it's the other person or myself who is creating them!)
- I LOVED riding my bike to the cafe on Friday: THAT part was AMAZING.  So I repeated to myself as I rode my bike "THIS is what I want to feel MORE of.  This is the feeling I want to manifest into my life MORE."
- I sent an email to a friend's husband who had shared with me his website weeks ago but I forgot to look at it and give him some comments.

(I think if I'm stuck, I need to go outside (rather than go to the tv) and/or get rid of stuff downstairs.  Kind of like a "If I want to eat or watch tv due to procrastination or boredom" let's let something go instead!)

So now it's time to focus on the good that is happening!  And accept the bad - let it be, don't try to change it or expend energy about it!  xo

I spent alot of time on Saturday finishing another post.  I'm happy to do a bit of writing, a bit of photo search each day so that in the end it doesn't take a long time.  Just small steps forward.  After finishing the post - I had no energy for the blog for Sunday (or even today).  Something else to note.  I need to mix it up - go out take photos, do some social media, write a bit... etc.

What's Inspiring You This Week: I really like the idea of a big project every year, like what Jen Lee does.  Works for the full winter and then gives herself a break in the summer.  I want to operate like this.  Work towards my own deadlines and see that there is a time to pause in between.

Where Are you Stuck (This Week): What's eating into this is the stress I get from my 10 hr/wk job (what?!?!) and the need to always be writing grants.  (To support the extra 10 hrs I want to get paid.)  I need to evaluate this.  The idea was that as my business grew, I'd need the grants less and less...  I have 16 months left with my part-time job as it is.

Got to get working on the PART TWO of this BUSINESS!!

What Is The Message You Need To Hear: You can do this, you can do this, you can do this!  I believe in you!!  Start thinking like a (slow/small) business woman!

What Will You Commit To For This Week: I will commit to my fall routine, swimming tomorrow, jogging on other days, going to the networking event and doing one other blog post and some social media!

OK, that's me... now tell me about you!!

What's Inspiring You This Week:

Where Are you Stuck This Week:

What Is The Message You Need To Hear:

What Will You Commit To For This Week: