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Photo: Kelly Sikkema (Flickr: Public Domain)

JUNE 2017

This is where I'm at: 

So thrilled writing contract is done so I can really get back to the basics and make them GREAT - weekly blog posts and weekly 52 Week initiative!!   Also my first guest post collaboration is complete, business cards are being distributed (must get better at doing this whenever I'm out!), one collaboration done (great partners, cool event, wonderful enthusiasm from public), another to be done in a week or so (this should be good!!), trademark process ticking along in the background (it will be finalized by the end of the year hopefully), podcast course complete but have not started first product (this should be next!) and then some updates and changes to my website (need to create a product page among other things) and I'm sending out my first newsletter this month also!!

It's been a crazy couple of months!

This summer I'm realizing is really about putting my head down, creating those two products (and the marketing around them) and doing those much needed updates to the website.  Hopefully I can work with the same graphic designer.  And I also want to learn how to create great images + text myself for social media.  Once this is all done, I'll get back to building my community of like-minded individuals (especially after I have my niche market for the two products well-defined).

In the fall I will also start looking around to find some new collaborations - some longer term and some short fun initiatives.

Let's step it up and finalize my first two incredible sweet products and release them into the world this spring!  It's time to be brave.  xo

I'd love to hear what you are really excited about!!  There's lots to learn and I hope that we can cheer each other on!

stuck, stuck, stuck!!!

WEEK 60 - POST 2

I'm having this huge block with the audit reports.  I just CAN'T write them and the more time that goes by the worse the feeling (and block) is.  Ugh!

It feels exactly like the IG issue.  Each week I missed posting made it a bigger issue that I HADN'T POSTED!  So finally I just threw up the photos quickly and just let it be what it was:  "I'm renaming this and just going for it!"  (Who's going to sue me for that?)  :  )

So what I really need to do is somehow put this on its head and approach it in a different way.  But the other sticking point is I feel like I need "time".  A full week with no distractions or a least a full day where I can start at 8:00 am and really get stuff done.  And I just feel pulled in so many other directions (and distracted).  But then I can't really enjoy ANYTHING because this is looming over me.  UGH!

(Right now I'm just waiting until my partner comes home so we can order dinner.  Then I'll work!)


what's what: monday morning check-in!

WEEK 60 - POST 1

What I really need to do is countdown how many more months I have so I KNOW how important product development is.  (AND I have to have some money for graphics!!)

It's Monday and I really need to get back to the entrepreneur routine.  This is why it's not happening:

> training new staff at part-time job
> way behind in writing audit reports for part-time job
> not prioritizing my entrepreneur goals
> working on new routines with naturopath

But what is working:

> feeling MUCH different about friends (the need to prioritize, etc.)
> presence at the online HS HB online group (observing how my ego interacts)
(rather than getting triggered by it - and really getting a lot out of the offline exercises!!)
> some movement and ideas in terms of the business:

  • I feel this new interest in getting the products done (inspired by HS HB ladies!).
  • I feel like all of this - my dream to be an entrepreneur - MIGHT actually be possible!!
  • I bit the bullet and went back to posting on IG (it's been almost a month) - realized I could just throw down about six photos and "bury" the old program and then start again.
  • Also had a great thought about LinkedIn since it is where my "target audience" is!  :  )

I'm also thinking that what I need to do is spend the next six weeks working on routine (and some purging) and then dive into the product development once I feel more solid a foundation.)

P.S. Today's an anniversary - it's been six months since I left my traditional job!  wow!!!

(Six and a half months left!)

How can I support others (message, blog, resource, etc.): Start a column on LinkedIn and make it part of the "business" - you can do it!!

How can I connect to more of my tribe (blog comments, social media, IRL, etc.): where is your target market on IG - look for some other words.... "government" "overworked" etc.  :  )

How can I build a strong business foundation: see above!  six weeks - let's do this thing!!!

OK, that's me... now tell me about you - how is this Monday in your entrepreneur life?

How can I support others (message, blog, resource, etc.):

How can I connect to more of my tribe (blog comments, social media, IRL, etc.):

How can I build a strong business foundation:

slow and steady (slow and steady!)

WEEK 59 - POST 3

This should be a quote from Week 7 below - but my posting in Year One was a bit erratic from Week 5 to Week 13.  (And I'm thinking it may be again this year also!)  ;  )

Just this week with HS HB there was a post reminding me that it's not about the "secrets to success tips and tricks" that I need to figure out (but that distract me from my mission!).  I really have to stay focused and remind myself that it's more about being authentic, doing what feels good and just having fun!  Let's not get overwhelmed and distracted.  Just do what is right in front of you and grow slowly.  It's all leading in the right direction!!


FROM WEEK 5 (2016)
"I do think that my blog is unique enough to be able to build a loyal readership (and community) and in the end other things will matter more that just SEO but I don't want to ignore it completely. 
Because of this, it feels like I'm down a rabbit hole lost and confused.  After reading all these SEO type posts I'm trying to remind myself that it's more about integrity and blog content and community for the type of business I want to build.  But I'm still in haze because of all this "build your best blog", "how to get 15,000 readers in a week!" type of advice."  (LINK)

in a flash - it's gone

WEEK 59 - POST 2

It was a really busy week so I didn't even have time to check in Wednesday afternoon - so sorry!  (This is being posted on Saturday.)  Training new staff - which doubled my part-time work hours (and STILL haven't written anything!!) but in the long run it should be good as I can transition some things over to the new person and focus more specifically on what I like (and get the writing done!) Hopefully I can find a bit more balance next week (get something up on the blog?) and then really get in a groove next month.

(And the good thing is with these extra hours it will make it easy to build up the overtime I need to take two weeks off next month also. Yay!!!)

New supplements are keeping me up at night (?) so I need to adjust that also.  But this week has been good in terms of getting entrepreneur support Tuesday night (my TUT friend) and did some work at the shared office space which felt great.

So maybe a blog post or two (a friend I saw this Sat. morning just inspired me on another topic for a post) this weekend and those reports!!  Must get to the reports!!


what's what: monday morning check-in!

WEEK 59 - POST 1

So I had hoped to use part of the weekend to catch up with my audit reports but that didn't happen.  I did get a lot of other things done (including some work on my business - yay HS HB).  The last week has been all about getting the new employee on board and now it will be about training her in this upcoming week.

But good news I have four full days to focus on work and another day that should be OK for work (except I have an appointment right in the middle of the day).  I will be going to the shared office space on Tuesday so I know I'll get alot of hours in - the question is whether I'll be able to do the audit reports!!

And then there is of course the blog.  I've been taking pictures but that's about it.  I have one blog post ready to go (just need to add a photo or two).  Will try to get that done Wednesday.  (I'm also meeting with my TUT friend on Tuesday so that should be motivated also!)

How can I support others (message, blog, resource, etc.):
I'm thinking about how great it is to noticing things on my jog.  I'm listening to mindfulness dharma talks which are helping me relax and slow down.

How can I connect to more of my tribe (blog comments, social media, IRL, etc.): this week I'm not sure what I can do.  I hope by next week I can think about this some more.  Blog comments?

How can I build a strong business foundation: By what I'm doing.  Slowing down.  Paying attention.  Reading some books (plus new class) so I'm not just doing this mindlessly!  Taking care of myself (and I think this is all part of my message in the end - a strong foundation for life!)

OK, that's me... now tell me about you - how is this Monday in your entrepreneur life?

How can I support others (message, blog, resource, etc.):

How can I connect to more of my tribe (blog comments, social media, IRL, etc.):

How can I build a strong business foundation: