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Photo: Kelly Sikkema (Flickr: Public Domain)

JUNE 2016

This is where I'm at: website designed, social media started, business cards need to be ordered, blog posts idea list created, one-off project ideas raring to go!  This summer I need to find my voice for my blog but what I really want to do is find the courage to design and produce some one-off projects that I want to release into the world.  THAT'S what I'm really excited about.  I'd love to hear what you are really excited about!!  There's lots to learn and I hope that we can cheer each other on!

what's what: monday morning check in!

WEEK 13 - POST 1

I lost it a bit there with holidays and my part-time work.  I'm still a bit behind (need to get three blog posts done this week just to be on target) and really I'd like to be ahead a bit - just in case some posts take longer to work on (one post has taken me a couple of days on and off).

I do see the benefit of doing some complex posts and some simpler ones!


ONE - I "soft launched" my blog!  I sent it out to friends and family.  This gives me some exposure but it really just sets me up "legitimately" to claim my space in the blog world.  And to start making it feel like this business is real.


I certainly know that my friends will not likely be my main blog readers but it felt like a big hurdle (that needed some courage) and now that I'm over that hurdle I can see the more key ones:  working hard at social media, connecting with others on blogs, social media and in communities.  With the friend launch behind me, I can put my energy where it will need to be!

TWO - I did my first IRL networking event!  I don't have my business cards with me (but going to this has motivated me to prioritize them!)  I chose a smaller event, close to my house, where the theme matched what the blog is about so that I could connect to others who were drawn to that theme.  I got some great ideas (for blog posts, etc), met some lovely ladies and pushed my comfort zone.


I also had a bit of a dip in confidence and courage earlier this month and was really off track but I do think that I'm purging alot of limiting beliefs and stuck emotions and I need to see this roller coaster as NORMAL.  I need to really know that I can ride the emotion and that something else will be there after.  That the worry, fear will not get worse or I won't get stuck in it as I'm going through it.

The larger picture where this is a slow business and I am honouring my emotions about not knowing how to reach out to people or how to represent or promote this business in a real and natural way are working well.   Because after the last emotional down, I just was ready to do more public things.  For the past year, I haven't been ready to join groups, get out and volunteer, reach out or speak up.  And now it's just there.  The resistance is gone.  WOW.  I have met two nice people through my part-time job, I have done my first networking event, I plan on volunteering at an event in my neighbourhood, I really want to do the hooping (whether with a friend or not), I am ready to get out there.


So this is a long catch up post but I also wanted to make sure I check in on my questions:

What's Inspiring You This Week: the momentum I have, the trust in the slow business model, getting outdoors, finding this variety of writers (from those retired to those who quit traditional careers and are writing full time).

Where Are you Stuck This Week: I need to figure out how to juggle things, take on a bit more but not take on too much!  This new collaboration has me distracted from my main goal to publish and to do social media.  It's all a bit learning curve but that is what I'm here for - to learn!!

What Is The Message You Need To Hear: You are doing amazing!  look at what has happened when you trust in this slow pace and just allow things to happen when the timing feels right.  keep at it.  You can do it.  And work at finding your audience but not too hard - let the manifestation magic help also!!

What Will You Commit To For This Week: getting a couple of things off my plate so that I can focus on the core stuff.  (Testimonial, Business Cards, Send Logo, Email to Masterminds, Blog posts!!)  I also need to carefully watch my time as I need to clock in enough hours for my part-time job.  Need to keep the cash coming in.  xo

What should my goals be for Week Ten? (Three Weeks Away)


Last week didn't happen at all, so let's leave that behind and get on with this week!

I'm realizing that part of the difficulty I'm having is that I'm in between niches.  Which is good because there are not that many people blogging (or who have businesses) there.  But it can be lonely and there can be alot of questions.  Is this a real worthwhile niche or am I just focusing on something that no one else cares about?

I said to my life/business coach last month - maybe I'm the one to unite all these disparate views and help them realize that they can work together.  That there is value here and that if different sectors worked together - more could be accomplished!

Maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part!  Only time will tell!

I'm going on vacation on Week 9.

I really need to get some things accomplished before I go away!!  I had a very productive day today with adding photos and finishing two posts.  So for this week and next: I have two posts that need writing (one needing photos also), three posts that are half drafted (needing photos) and two that are just ideas (and need photos also).  Seven posts in total.  We'll see what we can do.  If they don't all get done that's OK also.


1. Sunday all my hot links to PhotoBucket weren't working.  Might have to use Flickr and get some of them off Photobucket.  Also can I use the official website buttons for Instagram, Twitter also?  For some reason my webdesigner made them all hosted images on PhotoBucket.  Yikes!

2. One of my Mastermind friends is working on a blog also - yay!  I'll have someone to discuss all the technical aspects of the blog with soon!

3. Great also talking to my artist/entrepreneur friend this weekend - she talked about two possible collaborations 1) with me finding a site for her installation and 2) with me doing a presentation at her library!

4. Added photo to city page.  (Mer Bleue still to be added).  Seasons static page text is done (need to add photos).  Photo of photographer is added.

What's Inspiring You This Week: Getting outside is such a tremendous boost.  We got out for a bike ride after the rain which was just a treat and this morning I went out for a jog.  I really want to get out to connect with others (rather than through this computer screen) and being outside is a change in environments - which I really need!

Where Are you Stuck This Week: I'm find the photos to be the sticking point.  It's really hard sometimes to get the exact photo that you want to convey what you are writing.  Some times you can't get the photo that week due to weather or due to poor lighting (timing).  We do have lots of photos but searching through them can be a mess also!  Need to figure this out more!

What Is The Message You Need To Hear: Just have fun.  You can do this.  Figure your own speed.  Check in with friends.  Don't worry so much about your audience right now.  Just find your voice and have fun.  xo

What Will You Commit To For This Week:

Starting making connections by commenting on online blogs.

Getting outside for at least 30 minutes every day.

Order Business Cards (or should I do this when I get back in August).

As many blog posts as I can.  If I can get three more done this week that would be AMAZING!!  (I also want to get in 20 hours of part-time work so that I can get a bit of income to add to the coffers!).

OK, that's me... now tell me about you!!

 What's Inspiring You This Week:

 Where Are you Stuck This Week:

 What Is The Message You Need To Hear:

 What Will You Commit To For This Week:

Mind Haze from focusing too much on the "Business" of blogging!


This week went so-so.  Half good and half bad.  (Finished another post but need photos, Started a new post but it's about half done (no photos) and got inspired about two other blog post topics - yay!!)

I still haven't picked up steam but I'm figuring out where my blocks (and fears) are and working at moving/healing these things.  (Rather than just pushing through and ignoring what's underneath.)  It may be slow right now but I do think that in the end it's going to be alot better and I will be much stronger and focused because of all this groundwork.

Today though I spent a ton of time figuring out SEO and back-links because the problem is I've only got a bunch of spammy sites linking to my site and I don't want that to influence my rankings, etc.  I do think that my blog is unique enough to be able to build a loyal readership (and community) and in the end other things will matter more that just SEO but I don't want to ignore it completely.

Because of this, it feels like I'm down a rabbit hole lost and confused.  After reading all these SEO type posts I'm trying to remind myself that it's more about integrity and blog content and community for the type of business I want to build.  But I'm still in haze because of all this "build your best blog", "how to get 15,000 readers in a week!" type of advice.


(Next week I really have to get myself on a schedule - I can't wait until this all flows a bit more naturally!! Like how many hours do you spend posting, using social media, commenting (building your community), improving posts on the back-end, etc. VS getting out and doing what you are blogging about?? And doing your researching and connect with other businesses IRL?

I'm sure it's all a balancing act that you just figure out along the way!!

what's what: monday morning check in!

 WEEK 5 - POST 1

Last night I couldn't fall asleep.  I really wanted to get up early and start this week off great - with some meditation, yoga and maybe even a swim at the pond but it didn't happen.  Instead I finally lay my head down around 2 am and then woke up before 8 am... so less than six hours sleep to start the day today... yikes!

I'm going to take it easy today but I'm also going to Get. Work. Done.

It's a four-day week which means I have less time for the biz.  (I may end up doing less hours for part-time paid work, still awaiting to hear back from the one project but can't count on having an extra day!)  So I need to buckle down and make things happen.

I've found that working in three different zones in the house helps me get into the mind-set.  For my part-time job I'm here in the study upstairs, a bit of an uninspiring room.  For writing I get into bed and write on our laptop and for the blog and all other parts of "my biz" I've found that working in our new kitchen is great (being in a much bigger space with the big windows and the backyard as a backdrop helps immensely!).  I've also liked going to a coffee shop locally some times.  (Especially in the winter.)

I did get my C.P. feedback sent and I did work on the "Seasons" static page.  The rest is all still on the "to do" list.

 What's Inspiring You This Week:

"To Be" list rather than a "To Do" list!  (getting dressed for work helps also!)

 Where Are you Stuck This Week:

I get overwhelmed with all there is to do, including all the research that could be done (visiting sites, taking photos, historical research, internet research) and then I just can't get anything done.  It all seems overwhelming.  I want to discuss/blog about everything right now.  But I can't.

I noticed that going for a bike ride really inspired me in terms of writing and topics so I'll have to keep that in mind if I'm stuck.  But now with the bike ride and the hike and then some discussion on our vacation week last night my brain was buzzing and I couldn't turn it off.  It's feast or famine here and neither work for getting things done.

 What Is The Message You Need To Hear:

Just have fun, have fun, have fun!

Realize when you are "trying" too hard rather than just being and be OK when you realize that the authentic voice you thought you had last week just doesn't resonate this week.  It's a learning process and you need to be kind to yourself!!


 What Will You Commit To For This Week:

I'm only going to commit to doing what feels right.  No "To Do" list this week.  I need some more time for this to start flowing naturally!

OK, that's me... now tell me about you!!

 What's Inspiring You This Week:

 Where Are you Stuck This Week:

 What Is The Message You Need To Hear:

 What Will You Commit To For This Week:

Energy Levels Plummeting


So it didn't go well this week.  I'm struggling with both my volunteer work (writing grants) and my home life (health, etc) and I'm finding it hard to juggle everything.  On top of that my enthusiasm has waned.

I keep reminding myself that this is new.  That it will take a bit of time to get use to a) working at home b) working alone (not connecting to city) c) working for myself and d) all the emotions that go with this.

I'm at a point in my life where I just don't want to self-motivate for the sake of getting things done.  I want to do things because I'm motivated by my own desires and wishes rather than being a "boot camp" enforcer.  And I feel like I've regressed to a teenager who is rebelling against her parents - wanting to watch all the tv she was never allowed to watch (before her homework is done) and eating whatever she wants (not the amount but the food choices).

I did work on the "Seasons" page but haven't added any photos and I didn't order the business cards.

I haven't "launched" the blog either (although it's live, I haven't told anyone yet) so there's not any pressure from friends, family, visitors to keep the posts up yet.  I guess having a readership would be a type of motivator also.  I wanted to have 8 - 10 posts before a soft launch.  I'm half way there.

This is the point where I'm kind of like - what's the point?  Who really cares anyway?  Does it really matter?  But then I have to ask myself: Is there ANYTHING you'd rather be doing????  And I know the answer to that.  I need to get back into the "Creating Money" book as it really made me feel that anything was possible.

One more week of June.  I really want to do my soft launch in July so I really need to get two posts done this week!!  (Maybe I'll work this weekend.)

Wish me luck!!


P.S. Have you ever had a big week of doubt, where you needed extra motivation and where everything else got in the way.  A big double whammy?