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This is where I'm at:

Blog posts were more regularly scheduled over the past three months but I struggled with a mountain of paperwork that left me less time to dedicate to my biz.  

My part-time job is finally focusing on the topic that I want (as a career) as I mentioned in the last update, so there may be a point I have to decide to focus on one or the other although I do like the balance of both - splitting time between two very different activities.  It's just the mental focus that both take probably doubles - as I have to think of promotion, fundraising, deadlines, etc for both.  Not sure where this is all going as I have a definite break with part-time (contract is over as of February 1) so I will have some time to try to go at my biz full time.  So that will be a very interesting opportunity!

I really want to have some things to offer before I push the promotion plan full-tilt.  So this winter I think will still be quiet as I work in the background on things.

The priorities as I see them right now are: products, guest posts, and updating website at some point.

No new collaborations until I have my own products!

Let's step it up and start my first two incredible sweet products and release them into the world for next spring!  It's time to be brave.  xo

focus on the good and move forward!! yay!!

WEEK 86 - POST 3

Good things:

- I've done exercise a couple of times a week and am enjoying moving my body
- I've researched good tv shows (for more positive mental downtime)
- I just did a bit of journaling to figure out why something was bothering me (it was testing my boundaries in an area where I felt bad about saying "no" so now I will say "sure thing - always happy to do what I can!" and remind myself sometimes I "can" do nothing and that's ok.)
- I've connected with flow a couple of times this week (using oracle cards) and also with the journalling (to move through an issue quicker) and want to start associating exercise with stress relief!!  2018 is the year of movement!! xo
- met with an amazing woman this week who will be working on building a new business this year
- will do some tidying (and packing) in the next few days!!
- sent my C.P. comments this week and am ready for more (yay!)
- appreciate all the growth I've had with the biz in the past year!! time to celebrate!

- worked on organizing (downloading) photos and videos Thursday afternoon and listening to HSHB last night (and still a bit with GFC - must watch this!)

let's turn this around

WEEK 86 - POST 2

I was feeling great at the beginning of the week and now I feel a bit beaten down:

- focusing again on the worry about lack of support for grant situation (there is this one grant I don't want to apply to, as it might eliminate our eligibility for a multi-year grant later this year.) Yikes!
- got distracted by this new online discussion group - already forgetting that my priority is ME this year and not everyone once (I feel so burdened some times! - it gets so bad that my priority becomes "I must email my friend" over "I must focus on my biz") yikes!!
- the struggle with social media is still here (my plan is to spend quality time posting blog comments and proposing guest posts rather than all this SM!) but I did use a 5 minute timer to time myself today to ensure I didn't stay on too long!  and yes I know that it will take more than one week to create a new healthier habit
- have now lost my advantage of being ahead on posts.  am back to being behind!  this makes me really feel crappy.  I also feel very burned out - uninspired to start writing again and also stressed because I have too many ideas!!
- Twice this week people emailed saying that they need help with promoting something more (and I find it inappropriate that they think "humans and our personal sites, friendships" are the new marketing realm) and instead of just letting it go and saying something flip like "sure thing!" which felt rather dismissive but probably would have been the best thing ("They and their attitudes" are not my problem!) I sent them suggestions on how they could help us, help them.  (I need to look at this judgement that they aren't doing a good enough job if they just expect their friends, colleagues to promote the organizations.)  And this judgement has gotten me a bit fuzzy brained.  UGH!!!


- write to friends at end of week or on weekend (don't let it interfere with work!)
- prioritize your biz at the beginning of the week (blog posts, photos, product development) - switch in between tasks so that you can choose what suits your mood and yes!  it all counts!!
- social media at the end of the day for 15 minutes (three times a week and no more!)

But here I am with a day and a half completely open for my biz and I'm focusing on how crappy I feel.  Not Good!!!  OK - let's turn this thing around!!


what's what: monday morning check in!

WEEK 86 - POST 1

Good Morning!

The fact that I'm getting close to 100 weeks also reminds me that I'm very close to my 100th post on my biz blog.  Exciting!!  I need to celebrate that!!

This week health and getting signs from the universe (as to the path I'm taking) are the main things for me.  Since we are going away next week, I also have to prioritize the blog.

it's going to be a busy week!  (actually kind of excited about that.)

At the end of last week I also created a bit of a 2018 manifestation list, got very inspired by Lee Harris (Energy)'s first 2018 video ( should add this to my "what I'm listening to" list) and did a bit of a end of year review.  The great news there is that the slow business IS WORKING.  I need to really let that sink in.  I'm doing soooooo much better than I was doing a year ago.  All my stats are going up.   Slowly, yes, but steadily.  My highest month tripled.  My social media stats are double.  My weekly visitors are climbing and I completed 30 written reports.  WOW.  THIRTY!!


And my hourly wage IS going up also.  Let's keep this up!!


Instead of purging/simplifying, I did some year-end reviews and started cleaning up some of my lists. I have all these notes written on scraps of paper, if I can get rid of all these and get more FOCUSED that would be great.  (I'm going to purge when I get back from vacation!)

I'm still feeling inspired.  I really want to embody this and I'm using the oracle cards to really hear messages that I need to hear.  I was also offered a free membership to an online group so this might be a new place I can expand my wings a bit also!  yay!!

I got side-lined the past weekend with worry as (again) I felt unsupported by my boss (from the part-time gig) but I reminded myself that each time it's felt like a crisis she has come through and weeks later I can't even remember what the fuss was about.  (At least I had perspective and could laugh a bit about it.)

Other than the grant and a couple of other small things (watching emails) I don't have any other deadline for the part-time work this week.  THAT FEELS AMAZING!!!!

What's Inspiring You This Week:  The January Energy Update - it's time to take action, it's time to reach out, it's time to be creative, it's time to be inspired, it's time to step up, it's time to embody.  The universe has your back and happiness is my birthright (xo)

Where Are you Stuck This Week:  Some small worries: negotiating with the part-time gig to see if we can both be on the same page in terms of grant applications (right now doesn't feel good), so many blog posts I want to do now (need to schedule them so that I don't get overwhelmed but also so I don't lose my creativity - inspiration), balancing social media with more rich types of promotion - need a good strategy xo

What Is The Message You Need To Hear:  You are protecting your boundaries, you are not trying to control things, you are expressing yourself without having the need to figure out outcomes and then change your message to control the outcome you want.  You are ready to say no so that you can more quickly get to the "yeses".  YOU ARE READY TO DO THE MP3's  xo

What Will You Commit To For This Week: exercise, connecting with the flow, getting exciting about products (having fun rather than worrying if they are "right"), attracting money by providing myself (now) the things I think money can only bring, keeping things tidy and knowing that when I get back from our trip, the real schedule, routine, etc can start.  xo

OK, that's me... now tell me about you - how is this Monday in your entrepreneur life?

What's Inspiring You This Week:

Where Are you Stuck This Week:

What Is The Message You Need To Hear:

What Will You Commit To For This Week:

Manifest for 2018

Here is a short list of what I'd like to manifest this upcoming year.  I don't want it to be too small but I also don't want it to be underwhelming:

- three or more guests posts for my blog
- mention (recognition) of my product or blog or social media by someone online
- my first five sales of one of my products (including positive feedback!)
- completing three blog posts from my travels
- finding cool things through reconnaissance and outdoor work for my biz
- writing a paid article for publication
- mention (recognition) of my biz in media
- contract from an unexpected place (organization?) that I'm thrilled about
- an amazing and exciting paid collaboration
- by the end of the year: have a plan for my first volunteer vacation

friday flourish

WEEK 85 - POST 3 

It's Friday I have to do a real push today.  Part-time work (I owe about 7 hours for last month) and grant writing and then the blog.  I want to stay ahead with the posts!

Last night as I was laying in bed (yay - went to bed early to start my wind-down bedtime routine) I read a bit from the Creating Money book and there was a great reminder that if you want to attract money you have to expand the emotions you associate money with first.  So this weekend I'm going to do a bit of soul-searching on what I believe money will provide to me.

I'm also very excited about my simply goal.  I don't want so many things "to do" that end up distracting and or I don't want to be chasing after money to bring me happiness when happiness is right here!

Read my "boost confidence" list of kind comments for my blog from over the years.  This definitely helped.  Do you have one of these?  I definitely find that it helps when I'm feeling negative about where I'm going with the business and if all of this is worth it!!  (And I found some good notes from a blogging course I took in 2016 - definitely worth it to review these notes every so often!!)

I really do think that I'm turning a corner (belief in myself, self-awareness, self-validation, self-love)

Four priorities for the next week and a half: grant application submitted, more blog posts, simplify life and focus on health (exercise, drink water and eat consciously)


FROM WEEK 32 (2017):
"I'm trying to do what they always say - write for that "one person".  I'm imagining that one person who will be excited with what I have to say and wants to take on my suggestions...  I'm surrounding myself with others who are part of the same "crusade" so I don't feel so alone and worried about "screaming into the wind".  I'm trying to address the stomach that needs to comforted, the heart that just can't say what's really going on and the mind that distracts rather than facing my "perceived" fears." (LINK)

Some really great details about how difficult the writing contract was for me last year in this week - the cravings for comfort (food), the need for distractions, the fears coming up - my heart being frozen (am I worthy to say these things, who will listen, will there only be critique?).  The quote above is about the fact sheets but it could just as easily be about my blog.  (I'm excited this year as I'm actually seeing a more honed direction for my blog so that I can get more targeted and resonate more strongly with particular readers!)