Energy Levels Plummeting


So it didn't go well this week.  I'm struggling with both my volunteer work (writing grants) and my home life (health, etc) and I'm finding it hard to juggle everything.  On top of that my enthusiasm has waned.

I keep reminding myself that this is new.  That it will take a bit of time to get use to a) working at home b) working alone (not connecting to city) c) working for myself and d) all the emotions that go with this.

I'm at a point in my life where I just don't want to self-motivate for the sake of getting things done.  I want to do things because I'm motivated by my own desires and wishes rather than being a "boot camp" enforcer.  And I feel like I've regressed to a teenager who is rebelling against her parents - wanting to watch all the tv she was never allowed to watch (before her homework is done) and eating whatever she wants (not the amount but the food choices).

I did work on the "Seasons" page but haven't added any photos and I didn't order the business cards.

I haven't "launched" the blog either (although it's live, I haven't told anyone yet) so there's not any pressure from friends, family, visitors to keep the posts up yet.  I guess having a readership would be a type of motivator also.  I wanted to have 8 - 10 posts before a soft launch.  I'm half way there.

This is the point where I'm kind of like - what's the point?  Who really cares anyway?  Does it really matter?  But then I have to ask myself: Is there ANYTHING you'd rather be doing????  And I know the answer to that.  I need to get back into the "Creating Money" book as it really made me feel that anything was possible.

One more week of June.  I really want to do my soft launch in July so I really need to get two posts done this week!!  (Maybe I'll work this weekend.)

Wish me luck!!


P.S. Have you ever had a big week of doubt, where you needed extra motivation and where everything else got in the way.  A big double whammy?

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