Entrepreneurial Confessional + Blogging Schedule

WEEK 1 - POST 2:

Entrepreneur Confession One: I get the idea of a blog and I like the idea of writing but I don't want to be a slave to my blog!  I know on one hand you build up a community based on your blog and what you share but I fear creating this word-hungry space and that if I don't publish my business will suffer.  I know, I know - it's like the cart before the horse!  Maybe I should just write first?  yes?

But I think that is one of the fears that is stopping me from writing.

First of all I want to write for me and from the heart.  Great!

Second of all I want it to be fun and link me with like-minded people.  Wonderful!

So I'm starting from a great place.

I just don't want these high readership expectations or fears about "if I don't blog they won't come".

I would really like to take a page from Be Less With More and offer mindful posts but not have a heavy posting schedule.  Who needs posts daily if they aren't well crafted and thoughtful?  Ten or so posts a month would equal about two to three posts a week.  I think I might start with two and then if I'm inspired I can do a bonus post and if not so be it.

What about you?  What are your hopes and fears about your projects, social media, business and/or blog?

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