I am seriously jazzed up!

WEEK 2 - POST 3:

Don't think I will usually post three times in one week but I'm just so excited!

I bought the "Creating Money" book a year (or two?) ago and wasn't ready to read it as I thought I'd have to have my income sources lined up (you know... something to sell, writing contacts in place, etc.) before I could manifest what I wanted.

But now that I'm reading it I am realizing it's something to read even before you have a new career in place - even before you have everything set up!

It's really giving me a new perspective on EVERYTHING!  (I've already manifested three things (without any expectation!) this week!)

And just as I wrote this sentence the horses just trotted by (always a magical symbol in my day!!)

Four things!  :  )

So do tell me if you pick up this book and want to work on it together.

Have a great weekend!


p.s. have you ever bought an inspiring entrepreneurial book and then it sat on your shelf for years?  did you finally pull it out or toss it? what made you see it differently?

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