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WEEK 2 - POST 2:

OK, so this post is supposed to be on Thursday but tomorrow I have my part-time job so will be busy with that.  I think the Thursday check-in is supposed to see how the week is going and what I need to give myself that extra boost for Friday!

This week has basically been part-time job focused.  So I haven't got a lot done for the business yet.  Some check-ins with the web/graphic designer for my website and (wait!) I did work on my "About" page and was thrilled with what I came up with.  Forgot about that! Yay!

Today I'm going to work on posts and I'm excited!!  (I've been reading "Creating Money" and it's definitely part of this mood burst!)  It's cold today but I'm hoping to get in some exercise also as I always feel better after that.  And I just did a bit of a tidy (while listening to "Just Between You and Me" who were talking about tidying - hah!)

On Monday I did have a nice meet-up with a friend.  They are kind of in-between things right now and is not in any type of start-up phase.  But we have long chats about a variety of things and always have some laughs.  We met downtown and enjoyed a couple of hours sitting in a park.  My friend is taking the summer off and asked me when was the last time I did the same.

It's true.  I would love some time off but can't see myself taking a big chunk of time before 2018.  (My part-time contract ends at the end of 2017).  The great thing with part-time is that I could take almost two weeks off and still get all the work I need done, done.  So I'm contemplating that, as I know that work will be slow in the summer (in terms of contacting groups) and after the July deadline, there will be no deadlines before the fall.  So we'll see if I can give myself two weeks.  I'm not sure if that would mean two weeks off of my businss also?  Possibly off of social media at least.  Hmmm... we'll see!

Confession:  My friend did say something negative about the work (my business) that I'm doing.  I let it slide.  It was a general comment about "There's so many businesses doing that type of thing and really the only person who should be doing it is X."  I know that this person has their own stuff/issues to work out and that they are having a hard time seeing their own authority and right to BE here, to claim their own space.  (I do think I have something to offer on the topic and feel I do have the "right" to share it.)

I have to realize that it really has nothing to do with me.  My friend's working out "their" own thing and projecting on to me.  But it still has a bit of a sting.  I knew there was a reason I wasn't that keen on seeing this person this summer (as I start my business) and now I realize that taking a break from this friend would be a good idea.  I'll just give them their space and I'll keep the positive energy surrounding me by choosing carefully the people I spend time with this summer.  And once I feel a bit more confident and have my own firm grounding, I'll make time for this other friend again.  And then probably they will be in a better place by then also!!


p.s. what do you do when a friend is have a bad day or someone you know doesn't feel as positively about your work (or entrepreneurial work) as you do?

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