Mind Haze from focusing too much on the "Business" of blogging!


This week went so-so.  Half good and half bad.  (Finished another post but need photos, Started a new post but it's about half done (no photos) and got inspired about two other blog post topics - yay!!)

I still haven't picked up steam but I'm figuring out where my blocks (and fears) are and working at moving/healing these things.  (Rather than just pushing through and ignoring what's underneath.)  It may be slow right now but I do think that in the end it's going to be alot better and I will be much stronger and focused because of all this groundwork.

Today though I spent a ton of time figuring out SEO and back-links because the problem is I've only got a bunch of spammy sites linking to my site and I don't want that to influence my rankings, etc.  I do think that my blog is unique enough to be able to build a loyal readership (and community) and in the end other things will matter more that just SEO but I don't want to ignore it completely.

Because of this, it feels like I'm down a rabbit hole lost and confused.  After reading all these SEO type posts I'm trying to remind myself that it's more about integrity and blog content and community for the type of business I want to build.  But I'm still in haze because of all this "build your best blog", "how to get 15,000 readers in a week!" type of advice.


(Next week I really have to get myself on a schedule - I can't wait until this all flows a bit more naturally!! Like how many hours do you spend posting, using social media, commenting (building your community), improving posts on the back-end, etc. VS getting out and doing what you are blogging about?? And doing your researching and connect with other businesses IRL?

I'm sure it's all a balancing act that you just figure out along the way!!

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