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WEEK 13 - POST 1

I lost it a bit there with holidays and my part-time work.  I'm still a bit behind (need to get three blog posts done this week just to be on target) and really I'd like to be ahead a bit - just in case some posts take longer to work on (one post has taken me a couple of days on and off).

I do see the benefit of doing some complex posts and some simpler ones!


ONE - I "soft launched" my blog!  I sent it out to friends and family.  This gives me some exposure but it really just sets me up "legitimately" to claim my space in the blog world.  And to start making it feel like this business is real.


I certainly know that my friends will not likely be my main blog readers but it felt like a big hurdle (that needed some courage) and now that I'm over that hurdle I can see the more key ones:  working hard at social media, connecting with others on blogs, social media and in communities.  With the friend launch behind me, I can put my energy where it will need to be!

TWO - I did my first IRL networking event!  I don't have my business cards with me (but going to this has motivated me to prioritize them!)  I chose a smaller event, close to my house, where the theme matched what the blog is about so that I could connect to others who were drawn to that theme.  I got some great ideas (for blog posts, etc), met some lovely ladies and pushed my comfort zone.


THREE - I have been asked to do my first collaboration!  I'm working with a poet (friend) who I've worked with before to do an outdoor event.  So my business name will go in all the event marketing etc.  My name will be out there.


I also had a bit of a dip in confidence and courage earlier this month and was really off track but I do think that I'm purging alot of limiting beliefs and stuck emotions and I need to see this roller coaster as NORMAL.  I need to really know that I can ride the emotion and that something else will be there after.  That the worry, fear will not get worse or I won't get stuck in it as I'm going through it.

The larger picture where this is a slow business and I am honouring my emotions about not knowing how to reach out to people or how to represent or promote this business in a real and natural way are working well.   Because after the last emotional down, I just was ready to do more public things.  For the past year, I haven't been ready to join groups, get out and volunteer, reach out or speak up.  And now it's just there.  The resistance is gone.  WOW.  I have met two nice people through my part-time job, I have done my first networking event, I plan on volunteering at an event in my neighbourhood, I really want to do the hooping (whether with a friend or not), I am ready to get out there.


So this is a long catch up post but I also wanted to make sure I check in on my questions:

What's Inspiring You This Week: the momentum I have, the trust in the slow business model, getting outdoors, finding this variety of writers (from those retired to those who quit traditional careers and are writing full time).

Where Are you Stuck This Week: I need to figure out how to juggle things, take on a bit more but not take on too much!  This new collaboration has me distracted from my main goal to publish and to do social media.  It's all a bit learning curve but that is what I'm here for - to learn!!

What Is The Message You Need To Hear: You are doing amazing!  look at what has happened when you trust in this slow pace and just allow things to happen when the timing feels right.  keep at it.  You can do it.  And work at finding your audience but not too hard - let the manifestation magic help also!!

What Will You Commit To For This Week: getting a couple of things off my plate so that I can focus on the core stuff.  (Testimonial, Business Cards, Send Logo, Email to Masterminds, Blog posts!!)  I also need to carefully watch my time as I need to clock in enough hours for my part-time job.  Need to keep the cash coming in.  xo

OK, that's me... now tell me about you!!

 What's Inspiring You This Week:

 Where Are you Stuck This Week:

 What Is The Message You Need To Hear:

 What Will You Commit To For This Week:

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