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This is where I'm at:

Blog posts were more regularly scheduled over the past three months but I struggled with a mountain of paperwork that left me less time to dedicate to my biz.  

My part-time job is finally focusing on the topic that I want (as a career) as I mentioned in the last update, so there may be a point I have to decide to focus on one or the other although I do like the balance of both - splitting time between two very different activities.  It's just the mental focus that both take probably doubles - as I have to think of promotion, fundraising, deadlines, etc for both.  Not sure where this is all going as I have a definite break with part-time (contract is over as of February 1) so I will have some time to try to go at my biz full time.  So that will be a very interesting opportunity!

I really want to have some things to offer before I push the promotion plan full-tilt.  So this winter I think will still be quiet as I work in the background on things.

The priorities as I see them right now are: products, guest posts, and updating website at some point.

No new collaborations until I have my own products!

Let's step it up and start my first two incredible sweet products and release them into the world for next spring!  It's time to be brave.  xo

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