slow and steady (slow and steady!)

WEEK 59 - POST 3

This should be a quote from Week 7 below - but my posting in Year One was a bit erratic from Week 5 to Week 13.  (And I'm thinking it may be again this year also!)  ;  )

Just this week with HS HB there was a post reminding me that it's not about the "secrets to success tips and tricks" that I need to figure out (but that distract me from my mission!).  I really have to stay focused and remind myself that it's more about being authentic, doing what feels good and just having fun!  Let's not get overwhelmed and distracted.  Just do what is right in front of you and grow slowly.  It's all leading in the right direction!!


FROM WEEK 5 (2016)
"I do think that my blog is unique enough to be able to build a loyal readership (and community) and in the end other things will matter more that just SEO but I don't want to ignore it completely. 
Because of this, it feels like I'm down a rabbit hole lost and confused.  After reading all these SEO type posts I'm trying to remind myself that it's more about integrity and blog content and community for the type of business I want to build.  But I'm still in haze because of all this "build your best blog", "how to get 15,000 readers in a week!" type of advice."  (LINK)

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