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WEEK 67 - POST 3


I powered through writing two articles for the part time job this week (one was half done but still...) and I had no major writer's block.  Oh this is good!  So good!  :  )

Next will be two grant applications (similar so really not too bad).  That's it for this month.


I'm so glad that all the major writing is done for this year.  Whew!!

And I really took my entrepreneur life seriously today and wrote and published two blog posts (with photos - yay!!) and made three social media images which I am now going to schedule.  Hee!

Oh man I don't want this to turn into a "tasks completed list" but I do feel charged that I'm getting things ticked off that list.

Next week I will make sure that I have two full days - I really want to get ahead on the blog post schedule (when have we heard that before :  )  hah!) Maybe it will finally happen this time!!  (Especially as I have some half complete posts from last winter that should be easy to schedule to publish beforehand.)

I might even want to schedule a "working weekend" to really get a chunk of things done.  That would feel so good!!

So all in all I'm feeling positive.  Last week I just felt so bad about being away from the blog for so long, I didn't know if I would ever get motivated again to publish.  I was just feeling like "what's the point?".  I've said it before - I really don't want to feed the beast and I think this social media is set up to favour those who are chatty and focused and have graphic design talents.  I need to have a really great marketing strategy that doesn't involve me having to push things on social media as it just doesn't feel natural to me.  So it's going to have to be other ways to get noticed...

- Have fun doing something cool, memorable and "retweetable".

- Really work on my SEO as I want people to find me when they google for my area of expertise.

- Focus on great collaborative work and support others.

- Keep reaching out to others even if it is to get photo permission.  ;  )

- Guest blog posts, events... events.. events... and becoming a media advisor

- Meet some of the local Blogging "Greats" and see if there is a way to get featured.

OK let's keep this momentum going!!


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