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WEEK 67 - POST 1
"Prepare to be thrilled. Works the same." - The Universe


What happened to the last month????

It's really too bad but I've only done two blog posts in the past two months.  :  (

Sad.  I'm feeling sad.

That I couldn't prioritize the blog and this business.

But as I mentioned in my quarterly update I have to realize that the part-time job has become a job that fits what I want to do in my career.  At the beginning of 2016 it was only a periphery of the part-time job but then we received two grants for the writing contract and in the fall I starting writing and was able to create 20 resources on the topic that I LOVE to talk about.  It was HELL to write but I DID IT!!  And then we received another grant so that I could do the outdoor audits and we hired a graphic designer to make the case studies and fact sheets look AMAZING.  And I completed the 10 audits this summer also.  The final audits were sent out on Week 66. Congrats girl!


I DID ALL THIS!!  I wrote the grants and we received the money.

WOW.  I need to really let that sink in.

THIS ***IS*** my career!!

I called a friend yesterday and she referred to me as a friend who works at an NGO.  That's who I am.  This is GREAT!!  I went out to help another friend (who I collaborated with in the spring) and called it "work" as we were planting more poetry.  THIS IS MY LIFE!!  Yay!!

So, I'm not going to give up on the blog and the products but I'm going to acknowledge the fact that I HAVE been creating products and I have been busy doing my vocational work which is wonderful!!


I also talked to my spouse and he is OK with me continuing to do this work even through 2018, so if we get another grant we are all set.  Which makes the Four Month Deadline less heavy.  BUT I still should work towards it.

- For my part-time job I only have to do 7 hours a week (since I have so much overtime).
- I DO have to write two grants but they are similar so should be OK
-Weekends are not booked which should help with stress levels!  :  )
- Get out and work in a coffee shop once a week!
- Go to the entrepreneur breakfast meeting this month.
- Get a really great morning and weekly routine started.
- Instead of meditation + hooping I'm doing vball and pilates this fall.
- Make exercise and health a PRIORITY - third after spouse + work.
- Schedule November writing retreat with friend.
(Still haven't purged - will see what happens this month!)

OK that's enough for now!  I'll be working my part-time job Thursday so I'll come back and check in on Friday!  Hope your week is going well!!

How can I support others (message, blog, resource, etc.): Let's start first with the blog and then start scheduling a weekly "resource building" day.  My business voice is another thing I need to continually hone and perfect.

How can I connect to more of my tribe (blog comments, social media, IRL, etc.): I'm wondering how I can do this with social media in a way that doesn't feel crappy or should I just get better at using blog and newsletter first?  I can at least think about what's being sent out into the world (and not worry so much about what others are saying) and then connect with those that my words resonate with.

How can I build a strong business foundation:  Let's get the routines started first.  When I read foundation, I keep thinking about working on my website and fixing the small things (doing some tweaks) but I really need to focus on products.  Let's do that first.  xo

OK, that's me... now tell me about you - how is this Monday in your entrepreneur life?

How can I support others (message, blog, resource, etc.):

How can I connect to more of my tribe (blog comments, social media, IRL, etc.):

How can I build a strong business foundation:

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