YEAR ONE (May to May)


Make Space for Things to Form (purge, do nothing days, etc.)

Always Ask "How Can I Serve?"

WEEK 1 - Working with graphic designer (logo, website), start this blog

WEEK 2 - Starting on posts and "About" page

Comments about life coach, C.P. and mastermind support

WEEK 7 - More work on static pages "City + Contributor + Seasons"

WEEK 12 - Soft launched the blog (over 10 blog posts), did IRL networking event, initiated first collaboration

WEEK 13 - expanding social media (Twitter, Linked In, etc), starting work on writing contract

WEEK 16 - Riding bike to cafe (expand these moments!!) + ordered business cards

WEEK 19 - started blogging course

WEEK 20 - twenty-two blog posts published

WEEK 23 - social media (twitter - 73 + instagram - 51)

WEEK 26 - Five case studies written

WEEK 27 - Posting on volunteering got retweeted by someone with 2000 followers - yay!

WEEK 28 - created a great business tracking list for "to dos" plus a great list of what I am doing for blog consistency

WEEK 29 - Joined friend at her table at holiday show (part of first collab) + live tweeted through my first tv show (on entrepreneur topic) yay!!

Reviewed full novel of C.P. this year

WEEK 31 - Almost at 100 for both social media

Continuing with life coach, C.P., mastermind and TUT support

WEEK 33 - Finished case studies + getting business cards up

WEEK 35 - signed up for podcasting course

WEEK 36 - thirty-four posts complete!!

WEEK 37 - Investing in business (kind village, carbon-neutral, podcast class)

WEEK 38 - two fact sheets complete

WEEK 39 - Starting to get more retweets (figured out how to get topics out there) + connecting with local podcast & bloggers

WEEK 40 - Five out of ten fact sheets are done

WEEK 41 - list of what I want to manifest

WEEK 42 - Car tour with CSArt friend (for first collaboration) + got back to lawyers re: trademark

WEEK 43 - two more fact sheets complete + asked to contribute to an IRL bike tour event (on the topic of my blog)

WEEK 44 - First guest post on my blog, shared this on Fbook, Linked In, etc. + notified subscribers of my past two blogs about new blog and signed up for Mailchimp

WEEK 45 - Made investment for home office (new cushions!)

WEEK 46 - Paid lawyers fees, did draft of taxes (and list of receipts)

WEEK 47 - Joined Social Pilot (social media manager), posted my first post to go over 1000 views, submitted first "self-employed" taxes, emailed other organizations re: volunteer page and got support for my first "launch" (including a profile on a local website - yay!!)

WEEK 48 - First meeting for second collaboration (bike tour), replied to first two emails to blog (one just reader reaching out, other regarding guest post), first luncheon email with my name on it!, went to two networking events (including Thinkubator)

WEEK 49 - My first guest post on someone else's blog

WEEK 50 - Nine fact sheets are complete and with the graphic designer (I had to proof two myself), starting to use Google + and updated Gravatar and went out on Saturday to do first collaboration "installation" - great day!  (and I said "No" to two requests (both pro bono) as I am too busy - happy that I'm watching boundaries!)

WEEK 51- Ten fact sheets are done.  THIS IS HUGE!!!  Also attending an online Entrepreneur Summit this week (which is inspiring!)

WEEK 52 - Received my second email - this one from a local organization about a post I wrote suggesting that it would be great to meet up and discuss potential collaborations (posts, events) PLUS first collab EVENT is THIS WEEKEND!! + social media stats (twitter - 212 + instagram - 180)

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